Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our new home is taking shape...

We're finally starting to whip our new condo into shape and although we've put any major furniture purchases on hold for the foreseeable future, until Cooper grows out of his chewing phase, we've been trying to make the space our own.
Our outside spaceNew pots and plants for our roof terrace
Charlie has been working his wonders on the roof terrace with new pots and plants, plus a colourful parasol to provide some much needed shade (from Pottery Barn no less). 
Our roof deck is starting to take shape
Miraculously all our favourite paintings made it across the Atlantic in one piece and have helped make the condo feel more like home now that we've hung them in the apartment.

Here are two of our 'pear' still-life paintings which we discovered at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park a couple of years ago.  They are both by Sarah Wood and we took an instant shine to them when we saw them - they are so captivating, although it's up for grabs if under £3,000 can be still be considered 'affordable'.

Affection painting by Sarah Wood who specialises in still life pears
Indian Summer...
Indian Summer by Sarah Wood
This is another, more dramatic piece which you can look at for hours and I find very calming - Rolling Sisters by Kate Van Suddese. 
Rolling Sisters by Kate Van Suddese
Plus a few other simple wall hangings to make us smile about the place - naked men and cute puppies, how can you go wrong with those!
Herb Ritts Black & White photography - can't imagine why I like this?!?
Boxer pups from our puppy calendar
On another note, it's been a big day for me on the road, as it's been my first day out driving in my car ON MY OWN!  I'm alive and everyone else is, so that's good.  I did have to go back to the car and double-check I'd left it in park and put the hand-brake on though, just in case.  There's no stopping me now.

More from Cooper tomorrow as we're off to the vets for the first time...

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