Monday, June 23, 2008

A weekend of 'firsts'...

What a lovely weekend we've just had and it's been a weekend of 'firsts'.  Best of all was Cooper's first time in a swimming pool, which was amazing, but I've also been out and about to a Cabaret show, an L.A. bear bar and filling up my car at a gas station for the first time.
Cooper and Jason getting used to the pool
So we're getting into the swing of being puppy parents.  We're taking it in turns to go out and socialise whilst Cooper is still too young to be left for long periods, so Charlie went out for breakfast with some friends on Saturday morning, then it was my turn to pop out for some shopping at The Grove to get out of the house.
Lots of cooper cuddles and kisses - it was a magical moment
On Saturday evening charlie kept Cooper company whilst I accompanied some friends to the Cavern Club Celebrity Theatre in Silverlake to see 'A Tale of Two Sissies!', starring Micah McCain and Paul David. We had some dinner at the Mexican restaurant, Casita Del Campo, above the theatre beforehand and then headed down to see the show.  Funnily enough we'd booked the tickets way before we knew Cooper was on the way and Charlie would have really liked it with its mix of show tunes, comedic anecdotes and camp tomfoolery.  
cooper needing a helping hand up from the pool
Micah McCain is a bit of a Z-list celebrity in some circles and he's recently been starring in the third season of Workout on Bravo TV, as one of the clients in Jackie Warner's Sky Lab program.  I got to say 'Hi' to him after the show as some of our friends have know him for years.
Charlie and Cooper the mucky pup after flower bed fun
Afterwards we popped for a drink at Faultline, which is a gay leather bear bar on Melrose Avenue at Vermont.  Granted, not one of my usual haunts, but our moving to L.A. was all about experiencing new things.
Inflatable fun
Saturday night Cooper was a little tinker and kept waking Charlie and I up throughout the night.  He was also a little minx on Sunday morning when he woke up and his most chewy, hyper and playful yet.  However by the afternoon he'd changed into our little angel when we took him for his first swim.  
More Cooper kisses for Jason
I also did a bit more driving this weekend which was great and even filled up with petrol (I really must start saying gas I know, but it feels strange saying it) for the first time on the way over to the swimming pool.
Drowned rat Cooper
A work friend of Charlie kindly invited us round to their Hollywood Hills pad to meet Cooper and for us to use their pool.  It was fantastic as it was his first real time outdoors after being in our flat all week.  Luckily we're off to the vet this week for another of his puppy vaccinations, so soon we'll be able to take him outside even more.
Fantastic view of Downtown L.A. from the Hollywood Hills
He absolutely loved exploring a new house and garden with all the new sights and scents, although of course he piddled all over the floor within the first few minutes of being inside.  He was a bit apprehensive at first at going outside, especially as the sun was so intense and the stone floor was hot on his little paws, but as soon as we took the plunge he was in doggy heaven.
Tickle time for Cooper
Initially a bit unsure, after the most wonderful cuddles and 'Cooper kisses' in the pool he started to enjoy himself.  After his first dip, which cooled him down he had great fun rolling through the flower beds and in the dirt.  His mad five minutes was hilarious to watch.
Fun in the pool
Then after he'd calmed down again and saw us playing in the pool you could tell he wanted to come back in and he literally fell in.  The real breakthrough was when we got him on the inflatable raft and swam him around the pool - he loved that and even dived in after toys and his tennis ball.  Soon he'd taken to it like a duck to water - there'll be no stopping him next time.
Charlie & Cooper poolside
Spending the day around the pool was also heaven for us humans, as it's been so hot in L.A. the last few days.  It was such a pleasure and it felt like we were on holiday rather than another day in sunny California.
Cooper poolside
After our fabulous fun in the pool, I can't wait to take Cooper to the beach for the first time, as that's going to blow his little puppy mind.
jason & Cooper relaxing in the pool
Until next time folks...

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