Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The weird and wonderful world of L.A....

Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich sign on Sunset Blvd
Can you believe it's been exactly three months today that we arrived in L.A.?  That's like a quarter of a year.  Do all you Brits miss us yet?

As ever I've been keeping myself busy today.  I finished off decorating the guest bedroom and started on some more gloss work until the paint ran out.  

I took the opportunity to pop out and satisfy my addiction by picking up my weekly comic supply.

I thought you'd appreciate some of the weird and wonderful sights I've seen locally and on my recent travels.

The landscape of L.A. really is quite unlike anything you'd find in the UK and at first it seemed totally alien to us, but as with everything time makes you see things in a different light!

The shops along Melrose Avenue are really colourful, in many senses of the word.  In honour of our impending trip to New York next week, here's an image that made me chuckle.
King Kong atop this New York themed shop on Melrose AvenueAs it's so flat out here and the buildings quite low to the ground they'll do anything to stand out, from massive brightly lit signs to colourful facades.Colourful Maya store front on Melrose Avenue
Plus they can be quite dramatic and over the top, such as this Max Azria store.
Eye-catching Max Azria store on Melrose Avenue
And you just can't have enough pictures of the infamous Hollywood sign (this time with sunshine, not clouds).
The world famous Hollywood sign on a sunny L.A. day
And here's also the Griffith Observatory framed with blue skies.
View of Griffith Observatory framed by blue skies
Finally a picture in honour of what I know will be a painful visit to HSBC tomorrow in Downtown L.A. to finally sort out my U.S. bank account (yes, three months later and they are still the worst bank in the world).
View of Downtown L.A.
I hope you've enjoyed just some of the many sights we're discovering in this strange and wonderful place.

Tune in tomorrow for another riveting update on my misadventures in L.A....

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