Thursday, July 31, 2008


So today I'm mostly not happy about the Scrabulous game application being taken off Facebook (first in America and Canada and now I'm reliably informed in the UK). I can only assume it's due to a lawsuit about the copyright with Scrabble, but I was enjoying my online games with pals in the UK and around the world. How am I going to get my mental stimulation now?

The Age of Mythology game I brought for the Mac the other day is a nice distraction, but obviously not as distracting as a fifteen week old pup, so I don't get a chance to play it much (ah, those were the days).

Also I hope you've noticed there have been some changes in the last few days here at Jason in Hollywood. I've added a new sidebar on the right-hand side and now have Amazon shops for both the USA ( and UK (

So when you need to buy anything from Amazon, be it a DVD, CD or something else they sell, remember to click through the link on my blog and spend away!

You'll also be able to see what people are reading on my blog with a brand spanking new 'Most Popular Posts' widget.
Cooper's a growing boy
As you can see from this picture, Cooper is just raring to see the world outside and it's not long now before he can. My driving is going well and I'm getting to know West Hollywood and beyond, so pretty soon we'll be out in my car exploring L.A. together.

Tonight it's off to North Hollywood for another play-date with Cooper's gal-pals, so hopefully we'll have an exhausted pup by nightfall. Finger crossed...


J said...

Play WordScraper instead. It's written by the Scrabulous people.

You can design your own board, so it doesn't look like Scrabble when you start. But it can look like Scrabble when you finished.

I'll challenge you, if you like.

J said...

Here's a wordscraper board you can use:

Jason in Hollywood said...

thanks for the top-tip.

How do I find you on Facebook to play?

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