Thursday, July 17, 2008

Congratulations on my 5,000th visitor...

Self congratulations that is, although I'm waiting for the telegrams and flowers from celebrity fans and admirers to come flooding in as we speak.

So in just over four months I've reached the big 5,000 - what a milestone for Jason in Hollywood.
Jason in Hollywood toasts his 5,000th visitorThe funny thing is, that would have been a bad day when I used to work on, when we used to get more than that traffic in a single day.

But it's not bad for a blog with no real sense of direction (and without a multi-billion pound marketing budget behind it - not that I had that then either, but there was more than a team of one!).

The difference with creating my blog versus working on a website for a big media company is that you feel that you're doing something for yourself and not just a big faceless corporation. In fact it's nice to not be a part of the crazy rat race for the moment, it helps you get fresh perspective on life (not sure what yet, but I'm working on it).

For those of you who love stats (and who doesn't), in addition to breaking the 5,000 unique visitor barrier, this is where the majority of my visitors come from:
  • USA - 63.2%
  • UK - 22.2%
  • Canada - 3.1%
  • Rest of World - 11.5%
It'll be interesting to see how that changes over time.

Hopefully soon, when I'm not so housebound puppy-sitting I'll be able to get out more with Cooper and start to really explore more of L.A.

Look out Hollywood celebrities, I'm coming to get you...

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