Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dog-Blog: Animals do the funniest things...

Cooper, our 12 week old yellow labrador puppy, continues to amaze and amuse us on a daily basis.
12 week old puppy Cooper having fun with the mirror
Take a look at his latest exploits with our mirror, one of the few pieces of furniture we brought with us across the Atlantic - I'm sure soon to be licked, gummed, chewed and scratched to death.
Puppy Cooper and our mirrorCooper loves our mirror
It may not look like much, but it's hilarious to watch - I can't tell if he likes the coolness of the mirror, thinks his reflection is another puppy or likes the taste of the window cleaner that I use to get his dribble off.
Puppy Cooper loves his reflection
I think I've resigned myself to the fact that some things will have to be collateral damage of owning a puppy - like the mirror, the sofa, the bookcases, my clothes... 
Who's that dog in the mirror?
Luckily we get unconditional love, Cooper kisses and moments like this in return (notice how I'm leaving out the bumps, bruises and bites, and the early morning wake-up calls). It's a fair trade I think.  
Cooper likes to look his best!
After all, every Batman needs his faithful sidekick Robin...
Jason in Hollywood's new sidekick, Cooper in Hollywood

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