Monday, July 28, 2008

Dog-Blog: Cooper's first play-date...

On Saturday afternoon Cooper had his first play-date with three new doggie friends - Ginger, Dot and the matriarch of the bunch, Loki.
The first kiss between Ginger & Cooper
Although he doesn't get his final shot for another two weeks, the vet had said it was OK for him to play in our friend's back yard as we knew all his dogs were fully vaccinated and healthy.  It was a great opportunity to start socializing Cooper with other dogs in a safe environment.
Cooper and his new doggie pals
We drove over to North Hollywood, where a nice size garden that Cooper could run around and expend all his energy awaited him.  A great big tree provides shade for the garden in the afternoon, so it's perfect for doggie fun.
Cooper's new lady play-mate Ginger
His new friends are all ladies and Cooper took an instant shine to Ginger, who's twice his size yet was willing to roll over on her back at the drop of a hat!  I think the attraction was that the other dogs didn't put up with his puppy exuberance, whilst Ginger didn't seem to mind at all.
Poor Ginger
I think it's love at first bite...
Doggie kisses
Cooper had a grand old time running, jumping, sniffing, chasing, rolling, chewing, licking, racing, pouncing...
Cooper's first play-date - dogs at play
It wasn't long until he was soon tiring though, not that it slowed him down too much.
A tired pup, Cooper
The great news for us was that he was worn out from all the exercise and he slept all through the night until 7am in the morning.
Cooper's first play-date
On Sunday, whilst Charlie continued to decorate the condo I drove Cooper over to Burbank for another walk.  It's a great place for anyone with a puppy not fully vaccinated as there's never any dogs there, or humans for that matter!  
Jumping for joy
Plus there's a little traffic on the road around the Disney Studios, so it's a great way to familiarize the dog with passing cars.
Fun with Dot, Ginger and Loki his new doggie gal pals
In the evening we popped to The Cheesecake Factory at The Grove.  My expectations were low, as I was thinking any food from a restaurant chain named after a dessert was a bit worrying, but I really was pleasantly surprised. My food was great, however the hour long wait for a table wasn't something I'd like to repeat - thankfully there was an Apple store opposite, where I bought a new game for the iMac to amuse myself.
One tired pup
Anyway, I think Cooper is looking forward to his next play-date with his new gal-pals, mainly because he's a big flirt...

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