Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dog-Blog: The cutest puppy picture yet...

So after many, many pictures, I think I've captured the best picture so far of our puppy Cooper - what do you think?

The cutest labrador puppy picture ever
Apologies for the lack of blog entry yesterday, but there's only so much you can write about when you're housebound puppy-sitting.  

Actually I did venture out in the morning to do a few chores and had my first drive on my own to the local supermarket and pet store (to get more pee-mats - ah, the glamour!).  

You have to remember this driving is all new to me after about thirteen years of getting around by public transport in the UK.  Thank the lord for automatic cars is what I say... and wide lanes!

In the afternoon I did the first coat of paint on our en suite shower room, which I've hopefully completed with second coat today.

We discovered an interesting thing about paint in the U.S. in that they don't tend to sell lots of colours by the tin like in the UK.  Instead they seem to mix the paint to order. It's also a lot thinner here, which is great as there's hardly any smell, but it does mean you end up doing multiple applications where you could get away with one coat with the paints in Britain.  

I never thought I'd say this (after working with them in the interiors industry), but where are Crown and Dulux when you need them, eh?

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