Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dog-Blog: Dog tired after a visit to the vet...

Today it was Cooper's second visit to the vet and it's turned out to be quite an exhausting adventure for him.

After a drive over to the Studio City Animal Hospital thinking that Cooper was being a very good passenger I discovered that he'd actually chewed his dog lead in half. One hasty knot later (my cub scout training coming to the fore no doubt) and we were early for our vet appointment.
Statue outside the Studio City Animal hospital
Cooper got extremely excited when he saw the gigantic Doberman in the reception area, about ten times his size - nothing daunts our boy yet.

The staff are so friendly at the Animal Hospital and Cooper happily trotted off to be weighed for the second time.  So one day shy of his fourteenth week and our yellow Labrador puppy is 35lbs.

He was so well behaved and not at all scared by the vet.  He had two more injections and had his ears washed out too, of course the treats he was given helped some.

Before his vet visit
Cooper playing with Froggie
Cooper playing with his Kong
Great news!  Cooper gets to have a vet approved play-date with some dog friends of ours - that should tire him out.  Even better news is that in two weeks time he can have his final rabies shot, when he's sixteen weeks old, and then he'll be able to mix with the general population and go on 'official' walks.

After the visit to the vet I drove over to Burbank whilst I was in the area to give him a little walk.  As it was around lunch time and much hotter in the Valley, plus after his shots, he tired quite easily and I ended up carrying his 35lbs half the way around the block when he gave up and laid down.  

Cooper and his travel water bowl
Walkies is thirsty work for puppies
I made sure he was well watered all the way around and when we got back to the car jacked up the air conditioning for him (he's so spoiled).

He's been snoring away ever since we've got home - it's bliss!

After his vet visit
Deep puppy sleeps - it's hard work being a puppy
It's hard work being a puppy...

p.s. the very observant amongst you may notice that Cooper has been sporting a spiffing new leather collar courtesy of one of Charlie's brothers in the UK - he even gets more mail than us now!!

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