Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dog-Blog: Getting bigger every day...

I'm not sure whether this title refers to me or Cooper.  With all this high fructose corn syrup they pump into everything over here it's a wonder I can get up off the sofa.  Mind you, that may be due to all the ice-cream, chocolate, pizza and alcohol I've been guzzling to get my sleep deprived body through the day.
The cutest yellow labrador puppy in the world - well I think so anyway!
Cooper is indeed getting bigger every day and he's definitely doubled in size since we brought him home.  Just take a look at these two pictures of him in our bookcase, one at about nine weeks old and the other at nearly thirteen weeks filling the bottom shelf. 

He's going to be a monster!  Albeit a big and cute cuddly monster.  

9 week old Cooper in the bookcase
Nearly 13 week old Cooper
I'm sure that very soon with my five foot four frame I'll be able to put a saddle on his back and ride him through the streets of West Hollywood.  Or not, before I get any complaints about animal cruelty!

We're off to the vet again next Thursday for his penultimate shot. So how about a little COMPETITION?  

Cooper weighed in at 20lbs 4oz at our last visit.  

POST A COMMENT to my blog and let me know how much you think Cooper will weigh next week!

In the meantime I'll think of a suitably appropriate prize...


Jason in Hollywood said...

Rosie from london guesses 27.5lbs

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing 26.5 lbs.


Jason in Hollywood said...

Keith from Wales thinks Cooper will be 35lbs

Neil, Vahith and Josh! said...

a much larger amount of weight!

Neil, Vahith and Josh! said...

i think he will be very large!

just an estimate! :D

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