Monday, July 7, 2008

Dog-Blog: In the dog-house...

So last night we had our first major spillage incident with Cooper when he knocked over a full glass of pulpy orange juice onto our nice new sofa after jumping up when he shouldn't be.  Obviously this put Cooper in the 'dog-house'.
Sulking or getting sleepy?
However after a time-out in his bed, by the way he kept his distance and with the dirty looks he gave us the rest of the night, you'd think we were the ones in the 'dog-house'.
Cooper with his training leashLuckily this morning (around 4:40am) I was back in his 'good books' and everything was back to normal.
Cooper sitting in front of the fireplace
In other news, you obviously think Cooper is adorable as you voted by a vast majority of 77% that you preferred yellow labrador dogs.  
A growing puppy Cooper under the table
Black labs received 13% of the vote, whilst Chocolate labs only garnered 9% (lucky we didn't get one of those then as we'd orginally intended!).  
A growing puppy cooper in his favourite bookcase with his bone
How could you not love that face anyway...

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