Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dog-Blog: More cute puppy pictures...

Enjoy the cute puppy pictures of cooper while you can, as I can already see the difference between when we first brought him home and how he looks now.
Reflections of Cooper
Not much to report today, aside from surviving another solo driving outing in the "Jason-mobile" (I've not officially named my car yet, so that will have to do for now!) to pick up some curtains for our bedroom at Crate & Barrel at The Grove and for my weekly comic pick up.  So that included at least three practice parking sessions (and I need it), plus the embarrassment of forgetting what level I parked on at The Grove car park.  I made it back in one piece anyway.
One cute puppy and his favourite step - he's not going to fit on it for much longer!
Aside from that I've been trying to teach Cooper how to retrieve today.  He's slowly getting there, but as you can see, sometimes he quite literally doesn't want to play ball...
He's not really grasped the whole retrieving thing yet!

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