Monday, July 21, 2008

Dog-Blog: The puppy merry-go-round...

Cooper, our thirteen week old yellow labrador puppy, continues to amuse us with his actions.
Mischievous pup Cooper
You know how they say with kids you can buy them all these high-tech fancy toys and in the end they have more fun playing with the box it came in?  

Well the same goes for puppies.  You can buy them a whole assortment of bones, ropes and soft toys - but give them a metal chair any day and they'll make their own merry-go-round and hours of entertainment.
The puppy merry-go-round
We call this the Cooper Carousel!
The Cooper Carousel
Riding the Cooper Carousel
Round and round he goes - it's almost as fun as chasing his tail!
Round and round Cooper goes
It's almost as fun as chasing his tail
Luckily these kitchen stools are slightly more resilient than the rest of our wooden and fabric furniture.
The Cooper Carousel
It's fun to ride the Cooper Carousel
Cheeky Cooper
Don't forget to let me know what you think he'll weigh at this Thursday's impending visit to the vet. 

How can a puppy so cute and adorable cause so much mischief you ask?  
I'm far too cute and adorable a puppy to be naughty - honest!
Quite easily and on an hourly basis is my answer...

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