Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dog-Blog: Puppy's first (unofficial) walkies...

Adorable Cooper having a sit on the grass after his first walk
Even though our yellow Labrador puppy, Cooper, won't be fully vaccinated for another four or five weeks, I think we all needed to get out of the apartment today and go for our first (unofficial) 'walkies'.
Jason in Hollywood and Cooper go for his first walk
We've been chauffeuring him around L.A. the last couple of weeks, with trips to Malibu, Santa Monica, Studio City and around the streets of West Hollywood, but we've been desperate to take him for a proper walk.
Cooper's first walk outdoors in Burbank
I'd love to take him to an off-leash park or beach where dogs are allowed, unfortunately that's where there'll be lots of other dogs too and he's still got two more shots before he's got the all clear from the vet to mix with other dogs.  
Puppy Cooper enjoying his first unofficial walk
So what to do?  Where could we take him outside without worrying about too many people or anyone walking their dog?  Then it hit us - where did we live for two months and see nobody but squirrels?  You've guessed it - Burbank!
Cooper walking on his lead like a pro
We hopped in my Honda and off we drove, stopping off for a yummy green tea Frappaccino on this lovely scorching day and popped into The Home Depot for a few more DIY essentials.
Trotting along on his first walk
Then we were off to our old stomping grounds near the Disney Studios in Burbank where we first lived when we arrived in L.A.  Our instincts were right and we didn't see another soul walking about.
12 week old puppy Cooper's first tentative steps on his walk outside
We took Cooper for a stroll along our old street and then down past Disney's Animation Studio.  He was very well behaved for his first proper time outdoors on a leash, although I think he was more interested in sniffing everything than actually walking.  
Disney's magical Animation Studios in Burbank
There was some passing traffic, so it was all good experience for Cooper and when he's finally given the OK to venture outside he'll be a bit more prepared for it.  
Cooper's first walk in Burbank
Being a really warm, sunny afternoon and with all the excitement, he was soon getting hot and tired and it was time to drive home with one pooped puppy. 
One pooped puppy in my car
All in all, I think we can call that a successful first walk!
That's enough for my first walk I think
Stay tuned for more of Cooper's adventures (and mine besides)...

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