Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dog-Blog: Six weeks of solitary confinement left to go...

So only another six weeks until Cooper can go out and face his public, but can I survive that long before I go stir crazy?  
Is Cooper not the cutest puppy in the world?
Due to my housebound puppy-sitting duties I've watched three seasons of Doctor Who so far on DVD, I still chuckle when they try and pass off parts of Cardiff as London.  I'm wondering what to watch next.  Will it be Torchwood, Heroes, Supernatural, Alias, Battlestar Galactica or something else?  I'm sure I've got enough films and TV series to see me through the next few weeks. Actually the quiet times are getting less and less as Cooper grows, so I'm making the most of them. 
Cooper at play
So that's it's not a total culture shock when we eventually take to the streets, we've been slowly introducing him to our friends and he's taken an instant shine to our 'Dog Whisperer' friend Barry, who has dogs of his own.  
Grinning Cooper from above
We've also been taking him for drives in the car so he sees more than the four walls of our apartment (or is that really for my benefit, hmm?).  On Saturday I drove us to Malibu and back, with Cooper alternating between chewing his bone and sleeping on Charlie's lap.  He loves the air conditioning blowing on him in the car and doesn't seem to get travel sick yet.
Puppy Cooper and his stuffed bird
It also seems like kismet that we got Cooper, as we worked out the other day that we viewed our current condo in L.A. for the very first time on the day that Cooper was born, so it seems like fate has brought us together.
A typical Cooper pose
When he's awake he needs constant attention and loves to play, although he still doesn't quite get 'kisses' yet, even with peanut-butter smeared all over the backs of our hands, he'd much rather chew them it seems.  
Yellow Labrador puppy Cooper and Fluffy from above
There's constant cries of "not the Prada's" as he tries to munch on Charlie's leather shoes or a belt and we're not sure how much of a retriever he'll be, as he seems quite content to sit and watch us throw a ball or toy for him whilst sitting right beside us.

Have I mentioned that when he's not utterly adorable he can be a real rascal?  With that in mind, I'd better go rescue the furniture or the carpet or anything else chewable in sight...

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allaboutourdogs said...

Cooper is so adorable! I also have a labrador named Labby. He is 2 years old. How is Copper doing now? Btw, I loved the Heroes series.

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