Friday, July 25, 2008

Dog-Blog: So many toys, so little time....

Cooper is fourteen weeks old today and as you can see, as adorable as ever (when he's being good).  
So many toys, so little time
Here he is surrounded by his hordes of toys (although I'm sad to say that Fluffy is sadly R.I.P. after having his nose bitten off and stuffing removed) and even these have been to their own version of Animal Hospital for necessary repairs, so their time on this earth is obviously limited.
In another two weeks he'll get his final shots and be able to go and play out in the real world.  Our vet was telling us yesterday that in some other American States dogs can have their final shots at around twelve weeks and the sixteen week rule is a Californian thing.
13 week old puppy Cooper on the sofa
He's got lots more energy lately so it's getting harder to amuse him in the apartment, so after a dinner out last night at The French Quarter Restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, we've arranged a play-date for him on Saturday afternoon with dog pals Ginger, Dot and Loki.
Cooper playing under the sofa - but for how much longer?
By the way, I make no apologies for the copious amounts of puppy pictures posted on my blog.  It's amazing to look back to when we brought him home at eight weeks and see the difference as he's grown.  He changes so quickly.
Cute puppy Cooper
I'm sure in a couple more weeks he'll be twice the size on the sofa!
Cooper at home on the sofa
Ah well, better get back to the blogging....
Jason in Hollywood hard at work...Cooper too!

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