Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dog-Blog: Sprinkler fun and maybe a new celebrity Hollywood friend...

On the weekend Cooper had two more 'unofficial' walks following his first 'unofficial' walkies last weekend (only another three weeks or so before they become 'official').
cooper in the passenger seat of my car
It's great for all of us as we get out of the condo, plus it really tires Cooper out and means he settles much quicker and even sleeps more soundly through the night.
Jason and Cooper in Hollywood - well, Burbank to be precise
Coopers second walk with Jason in Hollywood
It was back to our old stomping ground in Burbank for a jaunt around the Walt Disney Studios.  Cooper walked much further this time, although it was later in the day so much cooler for him (and us thankfully).
The Walt Disney Studios entrance sign in Burbank
He also discovered the joy of sprinklers which also helped cool him down.
Those are sprinklers Cooper
Sprinkler fun for 13 week old puppy Cooper
13 week old puppy Cooper discovers the joy of sprinklers
Cooper's second walk
Cooper discovers sprinklers
And off we go again...
Cooper strikes a pose
There may be some retriever in him after all as he loves picking up leaves.
Cooper loves his leaves
We may even have spied a new celebrity Hollywood star for Cooper to hang out with - maybe he could be his bodyguard?
Maybe a new celebrity friend for Cooper?  Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Cooper found himself a shady tree to rest behind, or is that to sniff?
A tree you say?

In other news, in the latest poll you decided that COSMO would be a great name for my first car with 34% of the vote - I agree, it's fabulous and very L.A.
Jason in Hollywood's first ever car - COSMO

The Chiswick Chugabug (sounding like something out of the old Hanna-Barbera Wacky Races cartoon) garnered 17% alongside the 'Jason-mobile'.

Aside from all things dog, I've signed up with a Personal Trainer to whip me into shape after the last few months of non-stop eating out and too much of the 'cosmo' life.

I had my first session yesterday in our small gym here at the condo complex and have two more lined up for later this week - I'm using the money I save on gym membership to fund some of the cost.  

Anyway, my friends tell me it's very L.A. of me to have my own trainer.  What next you ask?  A nose job, whiter than white teeth, a nip or tuck here or there?  Never fear I'm far too down to earth for that - but give it another year or so out here and you never know! 

Until tomorrow...

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