Monday, July 14, 2008

Dog-Blog: This life with Cooper...

Cooper sitting
So after a weekend of walkies, a cinema visit and a few meals out (at O-Bar on Saturday night and the Buddha's Belly on Sunday - the Spicy Peanut Noodles were delicious) it's back to dog-sitting in the weekdays.
Sleeping Cooper
You all thought that Cooper would chew his way through the TV cables next (54%), but it's actually more like 22% of you thought, as he's fascinated by the table bench legs (or the cool nuts and bolts underneath them to nibble on).  
Cute puppy Cooper
He still likes to roll under the sofa and as 9% of you say, he still chews away at the underbelly of it, but not for much longer I'm sure as he's getting too big.
Cooper and Fluffy on the sofa

This Life
We're keeping our selves sane and in good humour by watching some quintessentially British comedy and drama at the moment in the evenings - alternating between One Foot in the Grave (I swear I'm turning into the crotchety old Victor Meldrew as it sometimes feels like I've retired and sit about the house moaning all day) and the entire series of This Life, which was so
 groundbreaking at the time, but seems quite tame now.  
One foot in the Grave

It's cool to revisit Egg, Anna and Miles and the gang, to see what all the fuss was about - happy days!

Supernatural TV series
During the daytime, when Cooper is dozing (yay) I get to watch some Supernatural, as I bought the first two seasons on DVD before we left the UK (as I knew I'd have time on my hands out here).
Imagine my surprise when after getting into the first four episodes and really enjoying the series (nothing to do with two good looking guys as the main characters mind you), finding that Disc Two was missing and the box-set had multiple copies of Disc Three instead.  

Luckily an email to Amazon later and I've got a replacement DVD set winging its way to me via a very convoluted way in the UK.  

It's restored my faith in the world, as I thought I'd have to battle with them to get a new copy. 
Snoozing pup
In other news, check out this music video by one of our L.A. friends (and miraculous dog whisperer) Barry Goold.  

He's performing at Gay Pride in San Diego this weekend if anyone is attending and this is his first video from his debut album Knockin' on Another Door.  

Find out more about Barry, his music and buy his CD at Barry Goold's MySpace page.

Until next time...

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