Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hobnobbing with the Hollywood stars (well kind of)...

Today it was off to the Giuseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills to have my hair cut and join the ranks of Hollywood celebrities that have graced its doors, such as 'The Governator' Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ashton Kutcher, Sharon Stone, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and more.

So when I say 'hobnobbing' it's more like my bum was probably sitting in a chair that one of them may have sat on and some of my hair may now mingle with theirs on the salon floor. It's a stretch I know, but it's one step closer to my own Hollywood Star I suppose (well a boy can dream can't he?).
Pup asleep in front of the fire
After that bit of glamour it was but down to reality with bump and a visit to Pavilions to pick up some groceries. I'm still not used to having someone pack my shopping bags for me and they do it so badly too!

I'm getting excited for this Wednesday when Project Runway season five starts at 9pm on Bravo. Finally something to watch midweek.
Condo roof terrace with plants
Now I can hear a little someone snoring so I may take this chance to pop up and get the last few rays of sunshine on the roof deck.
LA sky at night
Ciao for now...

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