Saturday, July 5, 2008

One man and his dog (and his car too!)....

To say moving to America has meant big changes for me is an understatement.

In the UK I didn't (and couldn't) drive, I had a fairly frantic marketing job in the non-stop world of websites and magazines and I didn't have the lifestyle for any pets.
Cooper, Jason in Hollywood and his car
What a difference four months can make.

Here I am in July 2008, living in West Hollywood, currently a man of leisure and I'm chauffeuring my new puppy around the streets of L.A. in my first ever car, a Honda CR-V.

We all attended our first ever 4th of July party yesterday and Cooper was a very good pup (we're hoping the host thought so too). He wasn't that fazed by the fireworks either, but being the over-protective parents that we are we made sure he was inside and safe at the time.
Cooper, Jason and his car
Today we've been trying to instill some order into our apartment - not such an easy thing to do when you have an eleven week old puppy.

Then we all jumped in my car and went for a drive down Sunset Blvd to Santa Monica to enjoy the scenery and get out of the house.

I can't wait until Cooper is fully vaccinated so we can take him out properly. Only five weeks to go...

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