Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another day of ears, bellies, bleary eyes and celebrity sightings...

On Friday I whizzed Cooper over to the vet to be told that he had a bit of an ear infection, which Labs, are prone too apparently.  We'd already been washing out his ears regularly but obviously we'd not been doing a very good job, mainly because Cooper doesn't like having ear cleaning solution poured into his ears, so now we have another ointment to put in there too - so double the fun.

He now weighs 45lbs and this is the third vet to tell us he's slightly overweight, so we're moving him from his Brita feeding system which his breeder recommended, to feeding his twice a day from his bowl.  Let's see how that goes and see if it stops him getting a fat belly.  Although saying that the various vets and assistants there are always giving him treats and chews and making a fuss of him!
Cooper enjoying his chew
After a session at the gym where I desperately tried to remember what my trainer has been teaching me (he's had a week off as he got married last weekend), I rewarded myself in the evening with a fab Thai curry at one of our favourite Beverly Blvd haunts, Buddha's Belly.  

We even spotted Z-list celebrity and personal trainer J.D. Jordan from Bravo TV's Workout Season 3 there picking up some takeout.
Dog with goggles - having fun helping us to decorate
A thirsty Cooper woke me at 5.15am (hence the bleary eyes) and kept me amused for a couple of hours before I needed a much need return to bed whilst Charlie took him for an early morning walk.

Speaking of eyes, I thought you'd like this fun picture of Cooper (above) helping us to decorate in his goggles last weekend.

So after a lazy morning it's off to the Hollywood Bowl tonight to see Donna Summer in concert (leaving Charlie to puppy-sit with copious amounts of cheese and chocolate, for him, not Cooper)...

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