Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dog-Blog: Another day, another unofficial walk...

The last few days Cooper has been a big bundle of restless energy.  So either there's another earthquake on the way or he's more than ready to start going out for proper walks.
I'm a big boy now!
It's lucky that he's so darn cute that we put up with his temper tantrums and drive him for miles just to take a sneaky 'unofficial' walk outside.  Then, when you get there he's too tired and hot to actually walk, and just wants to lie down and chew leaves - now that's love!
Too hot and tired to walk
I actually needed to make sure he was worn out for tonight as we're seeing some fellow 'transplants' to L.A. from London.  We all moved over here around the same time, so they are coming over tonight so we can trade war stories and see how we've all settled in after being here for five months.
Cooper on the bench
So this is a going to be a quick entry as I need to whisk around the vacuum cleaner, tidy away the puppy toys and chill that champagne (any excuse).

For those of you interested in how my blog is doing, you'll be pleased to know that in July unique visitors were up 18%, visits up 6.6% and page views up 1.8%. OK, Cooper I can see I'm boring you with your big yawn, I'll go now.

Big yawn - are you finished yet?
Hope to see you back here very soon...

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