Friday, August 1, 2008

Dog-Blog: Another day in puppy heaven and a celebrity workout too (for me, that is)...

So before I let you know how much Cooper enjoyed his second play-date with his new Hollywood gal-pals Ginger, Dot and Loki (sounds like a twisted version of the Golden Girls doesn't it), I just have to let you know that I've just been sweating next to a Celebrity leading lady in our condo gym.

I had another personal training session, which are going very well thanks for asking, and who should be side-by-side with me than a star of Broadway and the big screen. Obviously being a neighbour of mine I'm not at liberty to divulge her identity, we don't want the paparazzi crawling over our walled community now do we,  but maybe someday I'll write about her in my memoirs (or at least when we leave here).
Bounding with energy - I'm coming to get you!
So getting back to Cooper's second back yard adventure in North Hollywood.  I don't think his tail stopped wagging the whole time he was there.
Fun games with Ginger
He settled in straight away and it was off to pester the three adults, as only a puppy can.  This time he tried to crack Dot, but she was still having none of it.  so it was back to his 'favourite' plaything, Ginger.  Poor, poor Ginger.  
Cooper and Ginger's second play-date and it was business as usual
If he's not kissing her on the lips, he's nibbling her ears or drooling over the rest of her. Obviously by kissing and nibbling I really mean biting and chewing her to pieces. Dot and Loki are older and much too savvy to put up with that nonsense.
Matriarch Loki
However saying that, even Loki (picture above) can't resist Cooper's charms sometimes, as she almost joins in with the festivities, almost.  I think she's more of a voyeur and likes to watch the fun from afar.
Someone else's toys are always more fun
Cooper on the other hand is a right ruffian and is that naughty child who comes over and plays with all your toys, then leaves them in a mess.  
Enjoying his first real bone
Here he is with someone else's bone (his first real one)...
Cooper's first bone
There are some quiet moments though...
Cooper, Ginger & Loki enjoying the last rays of the day
And not to be left out, here's Dot muscling in on the picture...
Cooper and his gal-pals relax - Ginger, Loki & Dot
Well I'd better get myself together as we're continuing our culinary trek of L.A., on Wednesday night it was lobster at Mark's (although I abstained as I'm not sure all the faff with the shell is worth all the hard work, instead opting for my beet and goats cheese salad favourite) and tonight we're out to try some Greek food.

Come back tomorrow for the most adorable pictures of Cooper, this time having his second bath.  I'll leave you now with him relaxing in front of the TV after a hard day's play.  He seemed to be really fascinated by Victor Meldrew from One Foot in the Grave...
Relaxing in front of the TV after a hard day's play
Enjoy some classic BBC comedy in the U.S.A:
Enjoy some classic BBC comedy in the UK:

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