Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dog-Blog: Clash of the Titans...

Cooper has finally met his match, but it's not the vacuum cleaner, it's women (the vacuum cleaner is a close second though).
Cooper vs. the vacuum cleaner
Last night we had our fellow L.A. 'transplants' pop round for a drink and to catch up on how we've all settled in since we moved over from London.

We'd not really thought about it, as the breeder we bought Cooper from was female, but the majority of our friends are male and so I suppose Cooper hasn't had that much contact with women yet. However, saying that, he has met lots of women on different occasions, but last night he came over all shy and was literally hiding behind me.  
Cooper vs the vacuum cleaner
All evening he was pretty much the most well behaved puppy you can imagine - it was bliss.  But, I think it was a bit of a humbling experience for sixteen week old Cooper.

I never thought I'd say it, but that's the plan from now on, more women around to our flat.  I'm sure it was a one-off though, as even by the end of the night he was perking up and coming out of his shell.
Cooper's not too sure about the vacuum cleaner
On the other hand, with regards his grudge match with the vacuum cleaner, I think it must be a universal thing with dogs.  Maybe it's the high pitched noise the cleaner makes or the thought of it sucking all his hair up off the floor or maybe because it's removing his scent? Whatever it is, it's another thing which makes him nervous and go running for the comfort of his crate.
Cooper keeps his distance from the vacuum cleaner
In other news, it's our nine year anniversary today and I'm 'celebrating' with a nice and early personal training session at 10.15am (maybe not so early for some, but I'm not good in the morning) and the promise of a PS3 (now that my PS2 doesn't work because of the different voltage over here in the U.S.).  

Charlie knows that he's not able to get away with Cooper being 'the gift that just keeps giving' nonsense.  He's well trained after nine years and that's why I know we'll whip Cooper into shape soon too.
cooper in his pen - barely squeezing in
All the excitement certainly wore Cooper out last night.  As you can see he is getting to be a big boy and just barely squeezes into his pen at night width ways (there's still plenty of room length wise, but he hasn't figured that out yet).

I'd better start some stretching then, or else I'll never be able to do anything at the gym this morning...

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