Friday, August 29, 2008

Dog-Blog: Happy homecoming...

Cooper was very happy to see his other daddy back from Tokyo and greeted him with a wagging tail and a bouncy welcome. 
Finger lickin' good
Unfortunately, it wasn't long before he was having one of his mad five minutes which entails him racing around the living room and launching himself on and off the sofa. 
Cooper with those guilty eyes
Then if the bedroom door's open, he's darting under the bed and chewing on some packing paper that's still there from our move and stealing entire toilet rolls from the bathroom and disappearing back underneath the bed to take big chunks out of it.
Naughty Cooper in the bedroom
He may look all cute and adorable (and he is), but he's a very mischievous pup at times.
A happy Cooper playing in the bedroom
Anyway it's the last holiday weekend of the Summer (it's Labor Day on Monday), so I'm sure we'll try and get out and about with Cooper and I'm sure there will be photos.  So until then...

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