Friday, August 8, 2008

Dog-Blog: The puppy tooth-fairy...

In honour of Cooper's sixteenth week on this planet I found his first puppy tooth that had fallen out. Obviously it may not have been the first to go, as they tend to swallow them, but it was a little 'ahh' moment at the fact our puppy is growing up.

And here it is (look away if you have a faint disposition)...First puppy tooth
I'm not sure what the tradition is with puppy teeth. If you put them under a pillow, does the puppy tooth-fairy come and leave a doggie treat behind, rather than some money?

He's been starting to drool a lot this week, so I can only assume that's linked to his teeth coming through too.

Yes, he's growing up fast now and today's the big day when he gets his final shots at the Vet. They say he may get sleepy after the vaccination, but I doubt it, as the ones so far have had no effect on his bouncy disposition.
Mirror pup Cooper
It's been a long eight or so weeks since we've known Cooper, so it's a bit of a landmark event for us. We'll be celebrating later at the fact he'll finally be allowed out into the general public (unless the Vet turns around today and says you need to allow a few days for the shot to take effect - we're keeping our fingers crossed not).

However, we were disappointed to learn that we can't take him to the obedience classes we've been recommended until he's 20 weeks.

As a special reward for Cooper's last vaccination, we're planning to take him to Pet Smart on Saturday morning to buy him a fresh batch of toys, as sadly Froggie, Duckie and Mousie have all joined Fluffy in soft toy heaven.

He also needs some new nylabone and rawhide chews to help with his teeth and it's always good to introduce new toys to help keep your dog stimulated (I'm such an expert now). The best thing is that we'll now be able to take him into the store with us (hopefully), so that should be lots of fun.
Mirror Labrador Cooper
Tick-tock, tick-tock, not long now...

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