Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dog-Blog: Puppy's first walk up and down Runyon Canyon - part one...

On Saturday we took Cooper on his first walk to Runyon Canyon.  We drove up Laurel Canyon and took the infamous Mulholland Drive to start our walk at the top of the park.
View of Downtown Los Angeles from Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon is a 160-acre park in L.A. at the Eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains and has great views over sprawling L.A.  It is extremely popular with dog walkers (as it has an off-leash trail), hikers and fitness enthusiasts alike, plus it's not unusual to see some celebrities out for a walk with their dog or some shirtless gym buffed body running by to inspire you.
View of the hills with the Hollywood Sign
Sadly no celebrity sightings on Saturday, but we were accompanied by our friends plus Cooper's gal-pals, Dot and Ginger.
Cooper walking on his leash at Runyon Canyon
We met at around 5.30pm so as to be a bearable temperature for Cooper, who's usually no good outside before 6pm.
View of L.A. sprawl from Runyon Canyon walk
Our pup was brilliantly behaved on the three mile walk.  He's not so great on his leash at the moment (so roll on his training classes), but we took the risk of leaving off his leash and he loved it.  
View of Runyon Canyon walking trail
Having his favourite gal-pal Ginger and our friend Barry to follow like a shadow meant there was no danger of him running off, although I was more concerned about him knocking someone down on the steep trail or going over the edge if he got too adventurous.
Cooper and Ginger at Runyon Canyon
He was far too preoccupied trotting along, meeting new dogs and getting complimented by all the passersby he met - everyone loves a Lab puppy!
Infamous Hollywood Sign viewed from Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon is a great walk and took us about an hour.  There are fantastic views of L.A.'s sprawling cityscape, from the world renowned Hollywood Sign, the Griffith Park Observatory, Downtown skyline, the streets of Hollywood and beyond. 
View of the Griffith Park Observatory from Runyon Canyon
It's very hard to get any perspective in L.A., so it's a lovely place to get up high and get a view of the surrounding area.
Cooper's first Runyon Canyon walk
Not only is the trail very scenic, but it's also great for giving your dog a fantastic walk.  I was quite surprised that Cooper made it all the way around.  
Hot dog getting watered
He had a few rests along the way and there's lots of watering stops (plus we had our handy travel water bowl to hand), but our group plus all the fellow walkers helped keep him moving and motivated.
Side by side with Ginger at Runyon Canyon
I'm sure it won't be long before this is a daily occurrence, although I'm told Runyon Canyon is even busier in the weekdays when everyone is walking their dogs before and after work.

Come back tomorrow for part two of Cooper's first walk at Runyon Canyon...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! And Cooper is adorable...

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks for the comment - it's always nice to have some positive feedback!

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