Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dog-Blog: Up to no good...

In general Cooper is a very well behaved puppy, but you do have to keep a watchful eye on him.  All of a sudden he's become very 'chewy' and 'bitey' again, I think it's because he now has so much energy.
Growing Cooper now too big for his favourite place
As you can see from this mischievous photo, he's now grown a bit too big for his favourite hideyhole (the bottom shelf of our bookcase), but he still tries to squeeze in there.  Usually it's after a mad five minutes where he races around the living room and hurtles into the bottom shelf rocking the entire bookcase.Mischievous Cooper in his favourite hideyhole
I knew this morning that he would need more than to chase a few ice-cubes and a walk around the condo complex to keep him amused today, so just after 9am, before it got too hot this morning I jumped in my car and drove him over to Burbank for another walk around the studios (make the most of it Cooper, I am so over that place now).
Big bug saved from the jaws of Cooper
Big beetle, almost beetle-juice today

We survived the mad L.A. drivers, I filled up at the gas station for the first time myself (totally unaided - remember I'm a new driver, so not driving away with the nozzle still stuck in my car is a result in my book) and managed to save this big, scary beetle from getting devoured by Cooper.

I managed to tire him out for a while, but he was soon wide awake and I decided to take him exploring up onto our roof deck, which I regret every time.
Up to no good at the top of the stairs
Aside from chewing any plants in sight, it's too hot for him and he can't settle up there.  But he has a good sniff around anyway.  No chance to lie in the sun for me then!
Chewing our plants
After another mad five minutes upstairs, where I'm slightly worried in his excitement he'll launch himself from the mezzanine level to the room below, he needed a bit of a wind down.
Up to no good on the sofa upstairs
First it was on to the cool black leather sofa (though don't turn your back, otherwise there'll be teeth marks all over).
Naughty pup and he knows it
Then it's off again to his new favourite place upstairs.
Cooling off on the air vent
He's found the perfect place to cool off by sitting on the air vent.
Sniffing the air vent
It really is the simple things in life.  At times he looks so angelic, but don't let that fool you, he keeps me busy all day!

Only three more days to go...

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