Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dog-Blog: Whose bath is this anyway...

The joy of giving a fifteen week old yellow Labrador a bath is that you end up even wetter than him in the end.
Bath time fun
He was all smiles before we got started.
Bath time makes Cooper smile
Starting to look a little troubled.
Cooper prepares for his second bath
Is that water?
Hmm, what's in there?  Is that water?
Oh, wait a minute.  I like playing in water.
Putting one paw forwardHere's a sightly water related anecdote for you.  Last night I had a horrrible dream that Cooper had fallen off a tall bridge into a river below (with me diving in immediately after to rescue him), and was swallowed whole by a hippo.   I remember being traumatised in my dream and I felt awful when I woke up too. I'm not really sure what that dream was all about, or where the hippo came from.
Let the fun begin - big splashes
As you can see from the colour of the water he was due a good wash.  It's so dusty here in L.A.
Cooper's second bath means big splashes
He soon got into the swing of things once the water started flowing.  I don't think I've ever seen a dog digging in water before.
Digging the bath
Lots of fun..
Fun time in the bath
More splashes
Lots of water everywhere...
Shake it off Cooper
Head first into the water
This time seemed to be much easier than Cooper's first bath and it helped that I changed cameras, so that the quicker shutter speed could catch Cooper in action.
Can I get out now?
Before I forget, for all of you who voted in the poll predicting the winner of the U.S. Presidential Election in November, here's the results:
  • Barack Obama - 22%
  • It should have been Hilary Clinton - 28%
  • John McCain - 48%
To say I'm surprised by this result is an understatement.  I know it wasn't a significant sample size, but to the casual observer John McCain seems to have all the personality of an oven chip (as the name McCain conjures for us Brits).  Ah well, it can't get any worse than George Bush can it?  
Is it time to get out of my bath yet?
Let's wait and see what the voting public say in November, maybe I'll do another poll nearer the time to see if opinion has shifted.

Last night we had a nice dinner at the Ulysses Voyage Greek Restaurant at The Farmers Market.  It reminded me of my childhood holidays to the Mediterranean and Aegean islands of Corfu, Rhodes and Cyprus with all its Greek music and lamb dishes.  The restaurant was a popular place and food (and cocktails) were good, so add another haunt to our repertoire of L.A. eateries.

We're off to the cinema tonight with a fellow European friend (who appreciates ABBA) to see Mamma Mia (which I never got around to seeing in London's West End), so see you tomorrow with a review no doubt...

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