Monday, August 11, 2008

Hollywood hound - fame at last, just not for me...

Finally, fame at last... but, for Cooper?!?

What's that all about I hear you cry.  I know he's totally cute and irresistible when he's being a good boy and that his brothers and sisters have been starring in TV commercials for years, but aren't I supposed to be the one being discovered and getting famous?!?

Obviously not, as our pup has published and scored his first magazine appearance.
SFX magazine September 2008 issue Letters Page featuring Cooper
You'll find our adorable yellow Labrador puppy on page 32 of SFX magazine's September 2008 issue (on-sale now).  Yes, our boy is the star of 'The World's number one sci-fi and fantasy magazine' (published by Future Publishing in the UK).
Cooper's Star Letter in September 2008 issue of SFX
He's obviously too cute to resist, plus I'll do anything for publicity.  I could be one of those pushy parents who make their kids enter talent shows and beauty pageants. Hmm, I wonder where you can find make-up for dogs?  'Dress-me-up Cooper', I could market that concept I'm sure.  Or what about 'Little Mr. Sunshine' - I could teach him to pole-dance and everything.
8 week old Cooper just loves SFX magazine
So in one fell swoop Cooper totally upstages me (not hard I know).  After five months of writing this blog on the World Wide Web, Cooper gets himself in front of over 30,000 SFX readers around the globe at the drop of a hat, or click of a digital camera.  Hmm, I wonder how he managed to email those photos and write that note to the SFX editorial offices?
8 out of 10 puppies prefer SFX
Just to point out that Cooper hasn't suddenly shrunk overnight, these photos of him were taken when he was only eight weeks old and even cuter, if that's possible!
Cooper in Hollywood - star of SFX
What next I hear you ask, a book deal, a starring role in a Disney movie, his face on a billboard on Sunset Boulevard?  The possibilities are endless.  Obviously he's going to need a good manager (who won't exploit him and will keep him out of all the Hollywood scandals).  
Hollywood Hound auditioning for his latest role
Now who do I know that has time on his hands to spare, a background in marketing, likes a bit of Hollywood glamour and totally fits the bill?

For anyone interested in purchasing one of these soon-to-be collector's items, here's Cooper with the September issue of SFX (although it's a bagged issue, so you won't be able to just flick through the pages in WHSmith or Borders, plus it has two cover versions to confuse you too).
Hollywood Hound and star of SFX magazine September 2008 issue
And if you think Cooper looks great in print, you should see him on film.  Check out his new 'Cooper-vision' channel on You Tube.  

I finally managed to work out how to convert my basic digital camera recordings from when he was nine weeks old, with the help of a friend and some free downloadable software.  I'm sure there'll be some more up-to-date video clips shortly, so watch this space.

Right then, I'm off to 'manage' my new Hollywood Hound...

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Anonymous said...

How impressive.... do you think I could get a paw-tographed copy? :)

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