Monday, August 4, 2008

It's the final countdown...

Only four more sleeps until our puppy is fully vaccinated and able to officially go out in public. I remember when I still had six weeks of solitary confinement to go, but that feels like a lifetime ago now.
Walking puppy Cooper
Very soon we'll be able to take Cooper out where and whenever we want too, as we're getting a little bored of the drive to the 'land that time forgot' (Burbank studio-land), just to exercise him where there are no other dogs.

We're looking forward to walks on the beach and Cooper's first time in the ocean, being able to take him for breakfast at Aroma Cafe in Studio City (they are very dog-friendly) and just getting out and about with him.

Even being able to walk him up the street will be great for all of us and help relieve the feeling of being cooped up for all these weeks.

As we're still settling in to our new L.A. home we've had lots to do, like decorating and making the place our own. Here are a few of the prints we've had framed to brighten up our mezzanine area, a mixture of musical theatre and classic sci-fi movie images to suit both our tastes (it's all about compromise you see).

The show tunes....

Liza with a 'z'... Oscar winning performance and a favourite musical (of Charlie's).
Cabaret movie print
Sharks and Jets action... reminder of Charlie's thespian days as Tony.
West Side Story movie poster
Mother and daughter skating on thin ice... another Kander & Ebb favourite.
The Rink musical poster

The sci-fi...

Flash ah-ah, he saved everyone of us... poor Flash Gordon, apparently they dubbed 'actor' Sam J. Jones voice don't you know (but how fabulously camp it is and you can't get that Queen soundtrack out of your head).
Flash Gordon movie poster
Jet-packtastic... can't say it's really a favourite movie but we both liked the iconic art deco style of this poster and it had red in it to match the others.
The Rocketeer movie poster
I was also 'allowed' to buy a big classic Star Wars movie poster too and wait until you see the X-Men comic poster that is being framed that I bought for the spare room.

Yes, it's all starting to take shape...

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