Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New additions to the West Coast...

As it's 'Comic Wednesday' i.e. the day of the week new comics are released, I thought I'd share with you some new framed artwork that now adorns our walls.  
The Uncanny X-Men 500th issue framed poster by artist Alex Ross
It has pride of place in 'Jason's Room', a place that Charlie keeps promising (threatening?!?) to put all my weird and wonderful comic, sci-fi and oddball stuff, to keep the rest of the apartment looking relatively sane and stylish (although with a four month old puppy that's becoming harder and harder). 
I know that I've lost at least 50% of you by now, but for those still with me, this is a framed poster of the 500th issue of The Uncanny X-Men by superstar artist, Alex Ross.  

This milestone issue marked a major turning point in the lives of the merry mutants as it saw the X-Men move from the East to West Coast of America, to their new home in San Francisco. 

Alternate Uncanny X-Men issue #500 cover poster by Greg Land
Alternate 500th issue cover for The Uncanny X-Men by Greg Land
Well not only have Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler et al taken up residence on the Marin Headlands, but now they're also officially on my spare bedroom's wall in West Hollywood, L.A.

Unframed Alex Ross Uncanny X-Men 500th issue cover poster
Ales Ross 500th Uncanny X-Men issue cover poster
Now I'd better get on, I've got comics to read, a puppy to walk and people to see (and cosmos to drink)...

Buy the unframed posters in the U.S.A:
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