Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our first 'official' walk in the park in Santa Monica...

On Sunday evening we took Cooper out for his first 'official' walk in a park, Palisades Park, near the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica.
Jason and Cooper in Santa Monica's Palisades Park for his first official walk
Now that he's fully vaccinated we're trying to do THREE things:

A.) socialise him with other dogs and people, especially those pesky children 
B.) tire him out so he uses up all his boundless puppy energy 
C.) train him to poop and pee outside.

Hmm, now who exactly was walking who?
Cooper taking me for a walk in Santa Monica
There were lots of people around, others walking dogs, traffic noise from the road, children playing - so it was all great exposure for him.  He was so well behaved too.
Palm trees of Palisades park in Santa Monica
It was also great to be near the ocean again, after a few weeks of driving over to Burbank to walk Cooper 'unofficially'.  Aside from the sound of the ocean and the nice evening breeze, the sky had amazing colours in it as the sun went down.
View of Pacific Coastline along Santa Monica
We walked through the park, with the Santa Monica Pier in the background, and as you can see took some pictures of him with us for a change (otherwise all we'd have were pictures of Cooper on his own, which is no bad thing, but I also want some of him with his daddies as he grows up).
Cooper getting too heavy to be lifted!
As you can see he's getting so big and quite heavy to pickup for photos now (I'm not strangling him).  I think the technical term is 'big lump'.
Santa Monica Pier
In other dog-walking news, I'm getting used to the early morning 'walkies'.  Luckily Cooper doesn't understand what that word means yet, not like 'biscuit'. 
Palms near the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica
Unfortunately it's a tad hit or miss whether he poops or piddles outside yet. Normally he saves it all up for just after we walk back into the apartment and onto his training mats.  
Charlie and Cooper in Palisades Park in Santa Monica for his first official walk
I've already found out that there are at least two other Cooper's in the dog-walking neighbourhood and I also have an idea of which dogs are best avoided (those that don't like energetic puppies jumping up at their faces).
Jason & Cooper in Santa Monica, Palisades Park
We've even met an enormous one year old puppy called Benny (I think he's either a Groenendael or a Pyrenean Mountain Dog), who literally batted Cooper away playfully with one of his gigantic paws, putting him firmly in his place (a bit of karma after Cooper has been riding roughshod over his gal-pals Ginger, Dot and Loki).
View of the Pacific Ocean coastline from Palisades Park in Santa Monica
We're still having the usual communication problems with passersby and neighbours though.  

What's his name?  Cuba? Cupid? Conner? Hooper?  It's COOPER, surely our accents are not that bad.  
Jason and Cooper posing in the Palisades Park for their photo in Santa Monica
C.O.O.P.E.R., you know like the car.  Ah, then they get it and it's all 'mini-Cooper'. Yes, hilarious!
Santa Monica Palisades Park at dusk
Anyway, his first walk in the park in Santa Monica was a lovely way to end the weekend and to remember Cooper's first major outing.
Palisades park at night in Santa Monica
I'm sure we'll be returning there lots in the future and to many other exciting places in Southern California to take Cooper for walks...

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