Thursday, August 28, 2008

Puppy downsides and delights...

Puppy parenthood starts to grate when you're woken for another morning at 5am. 

Here are a few Pros and Cons of living with an eighteen week old puppy...
Cooper under the stairs
  • 5am wake-up calls
  • Never having a lie-in ever again
  • Being chewed by puppy teeth
  • When he misses the training mat and piddles on the carpet
  • When he steps in poop and walks it round the living room
  • Being slobbered and dribbled on constantly
  • Bad puppy breath (no longer cute Cooper kisses)
  • Carrying around bags of poop at 6am in the morning
  • Trying to wash out puppy's ears - impossible!
  • A wagging puppy tail
  • Puppy smiles
  • Cooper kisses (even with the bad breath)
  • Watching him trying to eat grapes
  • When he does a forward roll when he chases his tail
  • The look on his face when he breaks wind and then realises it was him - priceless!
  • How adorable he looks when he's sleeping
  • When he snores like a little piggy
  • Yay, his puppy teeth are falling out
  • Finally he starts to poop and pee outside
  • The pride of having the most handsome dog on the block
  • Unconditional Cooper love
As you can see the positives far outweigh any negatives and we won't be taking him back yet!
Cooper with a mouthful of toys at 18 weeks
In other news, I've just booked him into Basic Obedience classes at Chateau Marmutt.  Soon he'll be walking properly on his leash, coming when he's called and leaving things he's not supposed to - well that's the plan anyway.  

Currently the most powerful command in our arsenal is 'Sit', which we resort to whenever Cooper needs to calm down.

In another exciting development Cooper seems to have taken to his crate almost overnight and if you say 'Bed' he'll sleepily trot into it, making it much easier for me to go out without any drama (or having to pick up a 45lb puppy). He's even taken to popping in there on his own when he needs some quiet 'Cooper time'.
Cooper in his crate at 18 weeks
Don't forget to cast your vote for the future movie that you're most anticipating (can you believe those greedy buggers at Warner, putting back the release date for Harry Potter until next year because they've had such a bumper Summer with The Dark Knight?  That's not very fan friendly is it?).
Cooper with his toys at 18 weeks
According to the most recent poll, Mamma Mia was the favourite movie of the Summer so far, with 34% of the votes, whilst WALL-E was a close second with 31%.  If you don't agree with that, then make sure you cast you vote wisely this time!

Right then, I may just pop outside for some more sunshine on our roof deck, as not being in the mood for the gym after the early morning awakening today, I had a few hours by the pool this morning which was bliss.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's a hard life (but someone's got to do it)...


The Hunky Gardener said...

What a handsome dog Cooper is. I am looking forward to "The Hobbit" myself. And what is a lie-in? I am going to take a guess and say it is the British term for a nap?

Jason in Hollywood said...

A lie-in is being able to sleep past 5am... it's hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock and sleeping in (especially at weekends)

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