Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The truth behind the Entourage season five promotional poster...

Fans of Jason in Hollywood will know that I'm always trying to bring you the big behind-the-scenes scoops in Hollywood and to date my celebrity sighting of the cast of HBO's Entourage has been my best exclusive to date.
HBO Entourage season 5 cast promotional poster
Well now I can give you the update on the story, as on Sunday I was driving down Santa Monica Blvd and saw the new promo billboard for season five of the TV show. 

UPDATED: 15 Aug 08 - Here's the billboard photographed on Sunset Blvd.
Entourage season 5 billboard Sunset Strip
Entourage season 5 billboard
As I reported back at the start of June, I thought that Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven and the cast of Entourage were doing a photo shoot for some promotional material for the show.  Little did I know it was for the main season five poster.
Adrian Grenier Jeremy Piven cast of Entourage Santa Monica Blvd
cast of Entourage shooting on Santa Monica Blvd
You'll notice from the promo photo that the street sign says Sunset Blvd, whilst it was actually shot on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.  
Photo-shoot with the cast of TV's Entourage
Do you see how I'm uncovering all these fantastic Hollywood secrets for you?

Keep it here for more celebrity secrets in the future...


The Hunky Gardener said...

Well now that I know they are full of lies i'm not watching anymore!...just kidding :)

djkorova said...

I love this show! Its so cool you saw the shoot for the poster. Wish I lived in LA!

Us... said...

Man you are SO lucky. I would kill and/or die to see the Entourage crew in person lol.

Us...check out the blog

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