Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Celebrity spotting at Runyon Canyon and Mulholland Overlook views...

Before I start, can I just ask that the person who took Cooper and replaced him with the demon puppy that I've been looking after today please return him!

From a 1.30am wake up call to Exorcist style poop, non-stop chewing and jumping, to general puppy naughtiness, it's been quite a day.  I think his two walks this weekend at Runyon Canyon must have super energized Cooper and turned our pup into the rascal from Hell.

Actor Scott Lowell
I'm sure I'm being overly dramatic (moi?) and it's probably just another night of interrupted sleep making me cranky, in fact I was like a zombie with my trainer this morning so not good company, but he's been a right little bugger today.  

My copy of 'Marley - A dog like no other' arrived today so I can't wait to compare experiences to date, although typically a friend already had the book and I could have borrowed it from him.

Anyway, let's get back on track and to the subject of this entry.  As I mentioned the other day, you can often spot celebrities at Runyon Canyon and on our second walk there on Monday we did.

We saw actor Scott Lowell who played Ted Schmidt in five seasons and 82 episodes of the U.S. version of Queer as Folk.  

He's also starred in TV shows such as Frasier and more recently in Criminal Minds, and he was out walking his little Pug dog, who was sniffing around us for biscuit treats.  

Scott has also been known to frequent Aroma Cafe in Studio City as a friend saw him there at breakfast once.

He's the second Queer of Folk star we've seen since we've been here.  The last sighting was Robert Gant who played Ben Bruckner in the series, who we saw at the Arclight Hollywood cinema back in May this year.
View of the San Fernando Valley from Mulholland scenic overlook
After another hour long walk at Runyon Canyon we stopped off on the way back at Mulholland Overlook to take some scenic pictures of the San Fernando Valley that contains such L.A. delights as Burbank, Toluca Lake, Universal City and the various movie and TV studio lots.
Mulholland scenic overlook with Burbank Mountains in the background
Obviously we don't see too many houses perched on the sides of mountains in the UK, but around L.A. in the Hollywood Hills, Laurel Canyon and along Mulholland Drive it's fairly normal.
Mulholland Scenic overlook view of the Santa Monica Mountains
In this picture you can see Universal City, home of Universal Studios Hollywood and behind that the backlot of Warner Bros Studios and in the distance behind that, Disney Studios.
View of Universal City from Mulholland Scenic Overlook
It's quite a view and as I've said before, as L.A. is mostly flat it's nice to get up high and get some perspective once in a while.

Finally, I thought you'd appreciate a snap of the mischievous pup himself!
Mischievous pup Cooper at 19 weeks
I know he looks so sweet, but don't be fooled, our yellow furball can be a right handful at times.

Anyway, I'm hoping for a nice restful sleep (at least I know the condo sprinklers come on a 2.30am in the morning now)...

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The Hunky Gardener said...

I can't believe how fast he is growing. He has gone from looking like a young puppy to a young man in a very short time! Soon he will hit puberty and then he will spend his days trying to hump your leg and your furniture. When that happens, in retrospect his naughty puppy behavior won't seem so bad!

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