Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dog-Blog: First puppy training class - star pupil or naughty boy...?

Last night we attended our first basic obedience training class for Cooper at Chateau Marmutt on 3rd Street.  We're a part of a class of six dogs, including Cooper, which will last for five weeks.

Cooper with big paws on the benchWe got off to a slow start with the instructor running through different types of collars and harnesses for different size dogs and also chastising the latecomers (thankfully not us). Initially we thought Cooper would be the 'star pupil' as he's mastered the 'Sit' command so well already, but unfortunately our pride turned to shame when he began jumping up at the instructor when she started giving him treats and used excessive teeth when taking his reward.

Our intructor is a total 'dog person' as you'd imagine and can produce the most realistic dog yelps and sounds - you can tell she's been practicing them for years. Hopefully she'll help us whip our twenty week pup into shape.

Next week I'm on my own with Cooper as Charlie is having his wisdom teeth out, so he'll be sitting and staying at home, recovering and having a break from Cooper!

Until then it's practice makes perfect...


Euro Puppy said...

Hi Jason, that photo is very cute. Did you bring your dog all the way from London to Hollywood?

Jason in Hollywood said...

Nope, we got Cooper from a breeder near Palmdale, but he is of English decent!

He'll be 5 months old on the 18th Sept and we've had him since he was about 8 weeks.

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