Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dog-Blog: Two steps forward, one paw back...

Today I'm mostly sulking!
Cooper sulking
Last night's puppy training did not go as well as I'd hoped and left me feeling a bit demoralised.  The last couple of days, Cooper has been doing so well at walking on his leash and getting better when he's off-leash at Runyon too, that I had hoped we'd have a good training session.

There were only four pups in class last night, as one has been evicted (for being too disruptive) and another was on holiday, so I thought that would help and not hinder.  

Unfortunately Cooper transformed into this bouncy little monster that we've never seen before when the instructor started to teach him something and then when she started making her dog 'yipping' sounds, it just seemed to whip him into even more of a frenzy.
Big puppy grin
She pretty much threw down the leash at one stage and walked away, which pretty much shattered my confidence in my abilities to control him at the class, but also made us reassess Cooper in a new light.  

The trainer did have some valid points and we do need to change certain practices, but her people skills are sadly lacking and she may be able to train dogs, but she needs to take some lessons in human behaviour methinks.  After all, we are paying for her to help us, not make things worse!

So distraught was I last night, that I didn't really notice when the actor Ted McGinley, of 'Married with Children' fame, was voted off Dancing with the Stars.
Thoughtful Cooper
However I was annoyed that 1950's throwback, Kenley, wasn't voted off Project Runway last night.  Not that I especially liked Suede (who was just trying to hard to build this mysterious persona, referring to himself always in the third person - "Suede thinks this" and "Suede's not sure of that" ), but Kenley's become so arrogant and overconfident that she deserved to go.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day and another chance to whip Cooper into shape. I'm sure he'll start improving soon (fingers crossed)...


The Hunky Gardener said...

She evicted a puppy? lol! I am not convinced that throwing down the leash and walking away was the best way to deal with the situation? Poor Cooper...I am sure he is trying his best.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Hey stranger!

We are learning a lot, but she could clearly do with a course in people management.

After I told her she'd made me lose confidence in my training skills and in Cooper, she seemed to get the message and started to be a bit nicer!

Only 2 weeks left - we won't be getting extra lessons with her though!

J ;-)

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