Saturday, September 6, 2008

His master's voice...

We all know who the boss is in this house and that's Cooper. His four month old puppy mind hasn't quite grasped that he needs to listen to his two dads and do what he's told (yeah right!).
Pup silhouette - His Master's Voice
With that in mind we start puppy training classes on Wednesday evening. However he is starting to get much better at walking on the lead, his toilet training is coming along in leaps and bounds (or more accurately, poops and piddles) and the magic 'Sit' command is still working wonders.

In case you were wondering about the silhouette of Cooper in the image above, it inspired the title of the blog entry today as it brought to mind Mark Barraud's iconic painting, 'His Master's Voice', which featured a stray fox terrier, Nipper, listening to a gramaphone. Obviously Cooper's not a terrier, but there was something about the picture that evoked the famous painting, which has become such a recognizable trademark and logo.
His Master's Voice painting by Mark Barraud
Late Friday afternoon I popped to Runyon Canyon with Cooper for another walk. He almost succeeded in knocking our friend Barry over the edge of the canyon when he got under foot down a steep slope. Luckily (maybe not for some) there were only a few scrapes, blood and bruises rather than any broken bones.

In the evening we had a bite to eat at Basix in WEHO and I had my favourite BBQ chicken pizza with it's lovely thin base - yum!
Big yawn pup Cooper
It was my turn to have an early start at 5.50am this morning and so like Cooper yawning in this picture, I've been feeling a tad sleepy all day. So now it's off for another trek to get some sun and fresh air to wake me up!


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