Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Hollywood Hills are alive with the Sound of Music...

The Sound of Music Movie
Yes, last night the Hollywood Hills were indeed alive with the Sound of Music coming from the Hollywood Bowl.

Surprisingly the sold out Sing-A-Long Sound of Music extravaganza was a lot less of a gayfest than I was anticipating and seemed much more of a family affair with lots of kids in the audience.

We skipped the majority of the costume parade at the start and arrived in time to see the prizes being awarded.  The winners were a group of children dressed as musical notes fashioned after Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti.

The movie classic started on the big screen at 7.30pm to much applause and a rowdy night was had by all. 

I'm not sure that we did learn how to solve a problem like Maria, but I have confidence that our singing wouldn't have won any awards.

The Sound of Music is one of my favourite things and I'm surprised that it didn't make it into my top ten feel-good films, maybe I'll have to do a separate top ten shortlist for movie musicals.
Sing-A-Long Sound of Music at the Hollywood Bowl
There were definitely Sing-A-Long aficionados in the audience who had been before as they knew when to cheer and boo at all the right moments and it got more surreal as the night went on and the alcohol obviously flowed.

My past Sing-A-Long experiences have been of the The Wizard of Oz, which was the gayest affair ever, held at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco (although it doesn't have as many great songs in it) and also The Rocky Horror Picture Show at London's Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square one Halloween.  
The Sound of Music at the hollywood Bowl 19 September 2008
There was a great moment near the end of the movie when Captain von Trapp was singing 'Edelweiss' and everyone in the crowd took out their phones, blackberries and glow sticks and held them in the air, like candles in the dark - it was magical!

Singing along to The Sound of Music with 17,000 other people was a great way to end my Hollywood Bowl season...

Relive the magic and buy the movie and soundtrack in the U.S.A: 
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