Saturday, September 13, 2008

L.A. can be dreary at times too...

I know I must bore my friends and family back in the UK at times by telling them how L.A. is constantly hot and sunny, so for once I can report we're having a bit of a dreary spell.  
Dreary L.A. morning
The last few days it's been cooling down even more at night and the last couple of mornings there's been a thick marine layer that has taken almost all day to clear, whereas normally by mid-morning it's gone.

Here's just a few pictures taken from our roof deck in West Hollywood of the surrounding neighbourhood and the Hollywood Hills in the distance.  I know it doesn't make up for the constant poor weather back in the UK this Summer, but it does actually feel a bit like home when it's gloomy like this.
Dreary L.A. morning view
Sorry to say though, that eventually the sun does come shining through, more than enough to pop poolside to lounge on the sun deck and top up the tan. 

Another thing to combat the absence of constant sunshine and put cheer in our hearts is the discovery of the most amazing thing at one of our local bars - 'free five minutes'.  

On Thursday nights at O-Bar on Santa Monica Blvd at 9.15pm, and I'm reliably told at 11.15pm and 12.15pm, when the whistle sounds all drinks are free at the bar for five minutes!  Imagine our surprise when sitting at the bar we get to have another round of Kir Royal cocktails, which we probably didn't need, but they were free, so hoorah!
Dreary L.A. view of Hollywood Hills
So after three days without a drink it was time to drink up and be merry.  On Friday night we took a chance and tried a new restaurant that we'd passed the other night going to puppy training class.  We were in the mood for an Indian curry so we popped to Electric Karma on West 3rd Street near Sweetzer.

It was a much busier and buzzier atmosphere than Surya, another Indian restaurant on West 3rd Street we'd tried before, with Bollywood music playing on a big screen and a much more densely packed dining experience.  The food was OK, but nothing out of this world.  

I think I preferred the food at Surya and the service at Electric Karma wasn't great, it took us ages to order even a drink and not one of the serving staff had a smile on their faces until the end of the evening when it calmed down for them. But you have to try these new things once in a while.

In movie news, you voted High School Musical 3 as the film you were most looking forward to with 29% (although I'm sure my niece and nephew may have had a hand in that), whilst the now delayed Harry Potter 6 (19%) and Day the Earth Stood Still remake (16%) also proved popular.  A further 9% each were eagerly anticipating The Hobbit movie and this Winter's new Bond film, Quantum of Solace.
Night spider on its cobweb
And finally totally unconnected to anything, other than I thought it looked cool, here's a picture I snapped the other evening when a spider had woven a huge cobweb outside the door on our roof terrace.  It was quite an impressive sight to behold.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend beckons...

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