Saturday, September 27, 2008

A misty morning with puppy at Sycamore Cove beach...

We set off early today for our second visit to the beach with Cooper, his first visit to the Pacific Ocean was when he was only sixteen weeks old, so he's a lot older and wiser now he's over five months.
Lifeguard hut 6 at Sycamore Cove
It was also my second time ever driving on a Californian freeway (the first time was only for five minutes, getting on and then off quickly at the next exit) and we drove up the 101 to Sycamore Cove in Ventura County where they allow dogs on the beach.
Misty Sycamore Cove
We drove in the early morning sunshine with blue skies until we got nearer the coastline, where it was very misty and like a totally different world when we arrived around 9.30am.
Lifeguard puppy
We made it there in one piece and had a fantastic time, even though it looked a bit grim, it was still warm and the ocean spray was refreshing.  
Beach puppy & Jason
It was amazing to see how fascinated Cooper was by the ocean.  He seemed to love the motion, the smell and the noise of the waves crashing on the beach.
Cooper & Charlie running along the sandy beach
As ever, the Pacific Ocean was cold in the water and it's not so much fun when there's no bright sunshine to warm you up (I can see why the surfers wear their wetsuits), but with all the running up the beach and splashing through the waves we didn't mind.
Charlie & Cooper running up the beach
The last time we'd been at the beach he was distracted by two of his favourite things, Barry and his dog Ginger, who Cooper adores, but this time the ocean, the sand and even we, managed to get his full attention.  It really was a pleasure to behold.
Surf puppy
I'm thinking that it would be great to take Cooper to a big lake sometime so he could have a proper swim without worrying about him being taken out to sea by the strong tides, or eaten by a shark!
Ocean Cooper
The beach was emptier than the last time, but there were still people fishing from the shore, throwing a frisbee (Cooper liked the look of that), playing in the sand and even setting up for a beach party.  
Beach puppy Cooper on his leash
There was also an array of wildlife, from pelicans swooping low over the waves to a sea otter (or maybe even a seal?) swimming in the ocean.
Sycamore Cove birdlife - Pelicans
As always we tried to capture as much of the fun as possible on camera for us to treasure (as he changes so quickly as he grows), but also to share with my lovely visitors, now 10,000 strong and growing every day!
Ocean puppy and Jason
We made it back home safe and sound, driving past Zuma Beach in Malibu and back on the 101, then over the now familiar Laurel Canyon drive (which takes us up to Runyon Canyon for our regular walks).  I'm told I need to watch my braking distance, but aside from that I did well for my first major drive on the freeway.
Beach puppy looking up
At home it was bath-time for Cooper, so even as much fun as the beach, as he loves to have a splash around in the tub.  I just think he likes to be pampered too!
Bath puppy
Hmm, there's nothing quite like the smell of wet dog...

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