Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My award-winning blog...

More Cooper kisses
As I'm living in the land of the Academy Awards (the 'Oscars' by another name), it seems only fitting that Jason in Hollywood should be winning lots of awards.  

Well here's the first, of what I'm hoping will be many.  I am the proud recipient of the 'Bloggin Stud Award' bestowed upon me by fellow blogger, and lover of all things botanical, The Hunky Gardener at Guy Meets Garden.

It's always nice to have your hard work be appreciated, especially when you create something and send it off into the void that is the internet.  What's even more exciting is when you get a chance to share ideas and opinions with like-minded folk. So if you have a green thumb or have any questions about your garden or plants (or even a love of gnomes), why not pay Guy Meets Garden a visit today!
20 week old cute Cooper on the bench
Somehow I think a lot of this award is down to Cooper and his cuteness factor.

After a sickly day yesterday when he just wasn't himself, he's bounced back today full of vim and vigor.  I managed to pop out earlier to Pet Smart in Culver City and pick up some new toys and chews to make him feel better and to help with his puppy teething phase.
Cooper and his new toy in his paws
My rescheduled gym session was on shoulders and back today and I'm off to Runyon Canyon later to give Cooper a nice long walk, as we won't be able to go tomorrow night as we have our first puppy training class.  I'm even trying to have a couple of nights off the cocktails this week too (not sure how long that will last), so I'll be fighting fit in no time at all!

I'll leave you now with a few more cute pictures of me getting 'Cooper kisses'.  I've always been much more standoffish with other people's dogs, but it's amazing how much love and affection you can have for you own pup.
We love Cooper kisses
He's so adorable at times that you just don't mind the puppy breath and slobber!
Come back soon and don't forget to comment on anything you do or don't like about my blog, all feedback is welcome (a few more awards would be nice too!).

Toodle pip...


The Hunky Gardener said...

Thanks for the kind words! And Jason, you account for at least 40% of the cuteness factor! (don't get in a huff Charlie.... I am not coming on to your man, I promise!)

Toodle pip! Hahahahaha! The cuteness factor went up to 45%! Ok, I better stop before Charlie hunts me down!

(Oh, I don't think the link to my blog is working BTW?)

The Hunky Gardener said...

Ok, 1 more comment. I love the Cooper kisses photo. It would have grossed me out and dropped your cuteness factor to 30% but on myth busters they proved that a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans mouth!

Yes, kissing Cooper is cleaner than kissing Charlie!!...no offense Charlie!

Jason in Hollywood said...

link all sorted - it's one of those blogger 'bugs'.

Luckily Cooper hasn't started eating cow pats or dog poop like I know some dogs do, so am happy to have the occasional 'Cooper kiss'

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