Sunday, September 7, 2008

Runyon Canyon is a real celebrity hotspot...

Actor Eriq La Salle photographed by Alan Light
Sunday marks my third day in a row at Runyon Canyon walking Cooper and so you'll all be sick of hearing about it soon.  We really need to build a repertoire of walks so neither our pup or we get totally bored of doing the same trail.  

I'm not sure he would as there's so many dogs there and new people passing by that he would be constantly stimulated, but maybe his owners need a different view now and again.

But the good thing about Runyon Canyon, aside from it being an off leash park where Cooper can run around, is that you do spot TV celebrities on a fairly daily basis. Today it was former E.R. star, Eriq La Salle, who played Dr. Peter Benton in 169 episodes of the series from 1994 to 2002.

I always thought he was a miserable character in the TV show and he didn't look all that happy a person walking down the hill either.  He also didn't seem to have a dog with him, so he was just doing the hike for the exercise.

This was our second celebrity sighting at Runyon Canyon after we saw Scott Lowell from Queer as Folk walking his Pug the other day.
top enttrance at Runyon Canyon
I thought I'd point out a few more of the scarce landmarks of L.A. in the distance that you can see from Runyon.  To the bottom left hand side of this picture you can make out the Capitol Records Building on 1750 Vine Street in Hollywood, which was the first record company to be based on the West Coast of America.  
View of Arclight cinema dome and Capitol Records bulding from Runyon Canyon
Then to the right of the picture you can make out a dome like shape which is the Arclight Hollywood Cinerama Dome on West Sunset Blvd.  The tower behind it still has The Dark Knight billboard poster on it because the film is still selling tickets by the bucket load.

After the healthy walk around the canyon we'd built up an appetite so headed off to try another fabulous place to eat in Studio City, Spark.
Spark restaurant in Studio City

I've wanted to go there ever since we moved here as Charlie had once spied Eric McCormack, 'Will', from TV's Will & Grace, dining there one night rather unceremoniously under the 'specials' board for all to see.

I think the restaurant sign outside doesn't do the place justice, as we were all pleasantly surprised by the smart interior with its lovely white linen table-clothes and dinky salt and pepper pots.  

To start I had a deliciously refreshing zucchini mint soup, followed by the sashimi grade Ahi tuna which came on a bed of jasmine rice. All washed down with some local Napa Valley 'Champagne', which wasn't all that bad, with a touch of Frambois.

The only downside was a TV set over the bar, which I thought let down the ambience of the restaurant, but I suppose if you wanted to pop there after work to grab bite to eat at the bar and watch some TV it would be the perfect place to go.

I look forward to dining at Spark again in the future.

And that was our Sunday.  A perfect way to end the weekend...

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djkorova said...

I never watched ER, but Eriq La Salle played a great character in the hilarious classic, Coming to America, with Eddie Murphy.

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