Monday, September 8, 2008

Six blogging months of Jason in Hollywood...

Welcome one and all to Jason in Hollywood, the blog about my ongoing Adventures in Entertainment, Los Angeles and Life.

My blog has now been officially going for six months, since the first Jason in Hollywood entry on 7th March 2008.
Jason in Hollywood blog logo
I've had over 8,500 visitors since this blog went live those many months ago, with 163 posts to date.  In August unique monthly visitors were up 6.1%, visits up 11.4% and the number of pages viewed were up by over 20%.

My visitors mainly come from the U.S.A. and account for 62.3% of site traffic, 20.5% are UK visitors, the next highest single country is Canada representing 5.3% and then the Rest of the World makes up the remaining 11+%.

I'm having great fun creating and self publishing my thoughts and experiences, but for any newcomers this is what Jason in Hollywood is all about:

Celebrity sightings
Adrian Grenier & Jeremy Piven from Entourage
From Hollywood starlets and TV celebrities to the dregs of the Z-List.

Exploring L.A.
Sycamore Cove lifeguard hut
From famous landmarks and sights to different beaches, cities and parks. 
Hand car wash sign in Studio City
Everything from wacky images...
Skyy Vodka Cherry Billboard on Sunset Blvd billboard advertising. 
Palm trees of Palisades Park Santa Monica
The differences between living in the UK compared to the U.S.A. - for example, the glorious weather, to learning to drive in California....
Jason passing his Californian written driving exam with flying colours
...and finding a place to live, to condo decorating, shopping, chores and fun times.

Eating out in L.A. 
Marix Tex-Mex restaurant in West Holywood
Enjoying sampling the wealth of restaurants, cafes and bars on offer. 

The Incredible Hulk photographed at Arclight Hollywood cinema foyer
News, reviews, retrospectives and behind the scenes info and images.
The Batman Suit worn in The Dark Knight movie

Hollywood Hound 
Happy hound, cooper
Our yellow Labrador retriever and my faithful sidekick, Cooper, and his many varied adventures, from an eight week old puppy to adulthood.
Cooper and his other dad, Charlie at Runyon Canyon
Today I've been nursing our poorly pup back to health.  We think he dug something up and swallowed it this morning which made him violently sick and he's been sleeping most of the day since.  I think he's starting to perk back up now though.
Jason & Cooper in Palisades Park, Santa Monica
So out of the window went my scheduled shopping trip to Pet Smart and Ralph's and I even cancelled my gym training session to keep an eye on him.  What's a house-husband to do?

It's just another day in the life of Jason in Hollywood...


The Hunky Gardener said...

Happy 6 month blog anniversary. I do enjoy visiting your blog Jason.

I hope dear Cooper is feeling better soon!

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks for the kind words - just need a few more loyal fans, so I think I'd better start trying to spot some more celebs!

Truth be told, if I knew what I do now about my blog i would have chosen a different template and resized everything from the beginning i.e. images, text etc and gone for a cleaner, more designed template like yours.

Ahh, hindsight is a great thing!

The Hunky Gardener said...

Thanks for the compliment Jason. I actually quite like your blog design. If you changed just wouldn't be the same Jason in Hollywood!

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