Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleeping beauties...

I think that puppy patrol took its toll on me this weekend, after two early morning walks and the start of a cold, I passed out on the sofa when we got back from a Sunday morning brunch at Aroma Cafe in Studio City.
Jason and Cooper catching a few zzzzz's
The plan was to have a lazy day watching a movie, as I'd inspired myself with my selection of the 10 best sci-fi and fantasy movies of all time the other day and so I popped in The Matrix DVD. Don't take the fact that I fell asleep about twenty minutes in as any reflection of the movie, it was more the fact that I was plum tuckered.
Jason in Hollywood dozing on the sofa with his trusty sidekick close by
The danger of always having a camera around to catch Cooper in action is that sometimes his other daddy will snap away when I'm unawares, hence these less than flattering photos.

As you can see from the fairly bare room and single sofa, we stopped buying furniture after we got Cooper so that it didn't all get chewed to death during his puppy teething stage. He's far less chewy these days, so maybe soon we'll get a new chair or two, obviously of dog-friendly fabric and design.

Speaking of being caught unawares by the camera, here's a short video clip of Cooper dozing away.  As you can see, he's much bigger now that he's almost five months than this earlier video of him at nine weeks old.  But he's just as cute.

And finally, as this blog entry is called 'Sleeping beauties...' don't forget to vote for your favourite animated Disney movie, be it Sleeping Beauty or something else!

Yawn! Feeling sleepy again now, so best get on before I pass out mid-sentence...

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