Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something you don't see every day...

It's been strange day!

As my other half is away on business in Florida I woke up on my own, which is always weird after being part of a couple for so many years, and took our pup for his early morning walk.

Yesterday I had a message to say a friend was in town from the UK, so today I had a surprise visitor.  Before he arrived I ventured out to find a new supermarket, as the Pavilions I've come to to call my local has just been bulldozed to make way for a new store opening in Summer 2009.

I found a Ralph's and sped down the aisles plucking at the familiar things and spending far too much time debating over the new choices on offer.  Charlie gets so frustrated with me grocery shopping, as I can spend hours walking the aisles picking up products and reading the labels, admiring the packaging and weighing up all the offers, whilst he prefers to pick up what's in front of him regardless. Anyway, I digress.

So it was nice to have a daytime guest to entertain and after a short walk around the block with Cooper, we decided to go and sit by the pool (only about my third time in six months).

Anyway after chatting, a little swim and enjoying the sun for a while we heard an almighty smacking sound.  I thought a palm frond had fallen poolside, so imagine my surprise when I turned around in the pool to see two squirrels had sky-dived from on high to land beside the pool.  It was a sad day in the history of Squirrel Watch!
R.I.P. WEHO Squirrel
It's hard not to describe what we saw without sounding flippant or a bit sick, but as you know I'm an animal lover, so I mean no malice.  So unfortunately one of the squirrels had died instantly on impact (so hopefully didn't feel any pain) and was pretty much as flat as a pancake, whilst the other squirrel got up and then collapsed and lay there for about ten minutes.  We were a bit stunned and didn't really know what to do.

I found some neighbours around the pool and got the complex manager and as we went to check, the second squirrel got up and limped away.  They'd either been fighting or playing and fallen from the tree (although they are usually so agile they never fall, although there are no branches on a palm tree for them to reach for), or someone wondered if they'd eaten some rat poison and that had caused their plummet.  

Obviously we were also concerned for the other animals in the condo complex as there are so many dogs here, that if they sniffed around and swallowed some poison it wouldn't be pretty.

Anyway, it's certainly something you don't see everyday, kamikaze squirrels raining down on you from the sky!
Tented house for bug extermination
Another thing you don't see every day in the UK is tented houses.  As most buildings in L.A. are wooden structures they are prone to termites and bugs, so often they have to get in the exterminators.  This is all very strange (and amusing) to someone who comes from a land of houses built of brick and concrete.

To restore some sanity to the day, we headed off for our regular (and thankfully uneventful) Runyon Canyon trek.

I haven't even had a chance to catch up on last night's Dancing with the Stars, so I can't even pass judgement yet on who I think will go - I'd better watch it now...

p.s. No squirrels were harmed during the taking of this photo!

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