Sunday, September 21, 2008

The stars come out under clear blue skies...

These last two days there have been lovely clear blue skies over Runyon Canyon, allowing a nice view of the sprawling city without most of the smoggy haze.
Runyon Canyon blue skies view
No doubt in honour of the Emmy Awards tonight, we had another celebrity sighting at Runyon today - it's definitely the cool place where all the stars like to hang out with their entourage (and dogs).  
Actor Matt Dallas from Kyle XY
A friend pointed out Matt Dallas, who plays the lead in the ABC TV show Kyle XY, as he walked by (I only managed to snap him from afar - he's the one in the black vest).  I've seen him walking with a dog there before, but I didn't realise who he was as I've never seen the show.
View of downtown from Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon is so popular because it's pretty much the best off-leash dog park in L.A. - it also helps that it has the most stunning panoramic views of the city too!
Be careful sign at Runyon Canyon
On Saturday evening driving back along Mulholland Drive after our walk I saw my first coyote walking by the side of the road and then Sunday night saw another (or maybe the same one?).
Runyon Canyon L.A. view
After I'd built up an appetite on our walk on Saturday evening, we headed out to Cafe des Artistes in Hollywood for a hearty meal.  The restaurant is quite hidden away on North McCaddon Place and it has a nice private garden bar at the front entrance, whilst in the back the main dining courtyard area is prettily lit by candle, all in an 'L.A.-French' style.  
Cafe des Artistes restaurant in Hollywood

We've dined there before, but the service last night was so much better and friendlier than last time. I had the mussels to start, followed by the Salmon which came on a bed of lentils, finished off with a pear tart - the food was good and we had a fun night out!

Today I'm also extremely excited about the fact that my blog has finally got a Google PageRank.  Jason in Hollywood now has a ranking of 2.  

It's all about Search Engine Optimisation of websites (SEO) and a very nebulous area where Google is concerned, but the short version is that your website pages are ranked on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being very good.  The more relevant your content, the higher your Page Rank (PR). 

With any new website it can take months for Google to give you a PR (if at all), and to put it into context, the websites which I used to work on at my old company, which had loads of resource and money to put behind them, had page ranks of 5 or 6.  So I'm not doing too bad, but ultimately over time I'll be striving for a higher PR as a measure of the success of my blog.
Cooper exploring the roof deck
I'd also like to welcome all the visitors I've had from Labrador Puppies Retriever Blog, where Cooper was recently featured.  Here are a few photos of him being mischievous on our roof deck this afternoon - he just loves to chew those plants (and thinks we don't notice).
Cooper caught in the act
Keep coming back for more L.A. celebrity sightings, restaurant reviews and the continuing adventures of our yellow Lab Cooper...

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