Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Style over common sense...

We've just made that cardinal decorating sin of buying a white rug and being a pet owner.  

I know what you're thinking, why on earth did we do it?  I mean come on, the dirty paws, the chewing, the piddle, the sick and poop (when he's ill), what were we thinking? I've used the same arguments with my significant other, but in the end we chose style over common sense.
Style over common sense
As you know I like to highlight the differences between the UK and America at times and so I'm pleased to say that getting things delivered over here appears much simpler.  We bought our new rug from Crate & Barrel (it's the Felix Natural 8x10, in case you were wondering) and they gave me a two hour time slot, from 9am to 11am, and they were literally outside my door at 9am (I think they'd been there waiting to knock for a while too).  

Sometimes furniture deliveries in Britain can be like pulling teeth and whatever delivery window you are given, you can guarantee they won't turn up until the very last minute (totally ruining your day by making you wait around for no reason), and don't even get me started on the Gas man.
Getting comfy on the new rug
Anyway, you can imagine how much fun a nice rug full of new scents is for a five and a half month old pup.

The other day I was bemoaning the fact that our living room was looking very sparse after we'd decided to put any furnishing buying on hold until the puppy stopped chewing and was better house trained, hence the new rug and curtains to add some texture to the room.  

Charlie has even been using his new toy, the carpet shampooer, with gay abandon the last few days and marveling at the murky colour of the water after it's been used to wash out all the ground in dirt (the previous occupants had two dogs as well, so Cooper's not to blame).  A few plants to add some greenery and it'll feel much homelier, now all we need is for pup to leave it alone (wish us luck with that).
Pup Cooper on the rug
Anyway, I think I can see a future for our boy as an interiors catalogue model. What do you think?

After my early morning delivery, I rushed out to do some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.  I've never been there before, but everyone from my personal trainer to our relocation advisor has raved about it (especially the cheese and bread selection you can buy there).  There's certainly nothing like the shopping experience in the UK, but I think I was a bit underwhelmed, but maybe it was 'first-time-itis' clouding my judgement.
Trader Joe's
Better get on, I'm off to the gym at 1pm and have lots to do in advance of an imminent parental visit from the UK later this week.

Place your bets on how long you think the white rug will stay clean...

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