Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunshine keeps shining on my head...

The song 'Raindrops keep falling on my head' doesn't seem to apply as much over here in L.A. as it did in rainy UK, so it seems the locals have found another use for their umbrellas, to keep the suns rays at bay.

Check out the photo below of just one of many ladies you see with their umbrellas trying to keep cool in this city.
Woman with a sun umbrella near The Beverly Center
Even after a spell of cooler and less bright weather, we're back to hot and sunny days. And long may it last. I'm not quite ready for Winter yet!

The hot temperature in the daytime does mean you can't really venture far with Cooper for a walk, unless it's early morning or in the evening when it's starting to cool down. If it's too hot he just tends to plop himself down on the grass in the shade and refuses to move.

Last night at our second puppy class we learned about walking properly on the leash and the trainer was saying that even if he refuses to get up you have to make him, as you're the boss.

I know she's trying to teach us the fundamentals of puppy training, but she didn't really seem to grasp all the distractions of the real world for a puppy - the smells to sniff, the passing cars and their strange noises, the squealing children, the other dogs to play with and the West Hollywood squirrels to puzzle over.
West Hollywood squirrel
We also learned the "leave it!" command, which I'm sure will be useful when he starts trying to chew all kinds of rubbish when he's out and about. Although like walking properly on the leash, that's going to take some practice too!

Well I'm off to catch the last of the sun's rays at Runyon Canyon with Cooper.

"Hasta la vista!" as our Governator, Arnie, would say...

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